1. Contusion

    Must be weird to actually have lots of hair but it looks like a wig.

  2. EricLr

    Well, now there’s a sexy dog….

  3. JennywithaY

    “Now that I’ve pet your wiener, how would you like to pet mine?”

  4. B.andWM.instrel

    The look on his face says ‘For God’s sake I want to be a serious actor… get Farrell the fuck away from me’

  5. cc

    The lady just discovered that, curiously, dachshunds are adept at sniffing out badgers AND douchebags.

  6. ..this may be the first time Colin has been “photobombed” by a dachshund!

  7. pff

    “I love puppies. Do you have a pussy too?”

  8. Jeff

    Great, now the dog is pregnant.

  9. Toe Jam

    “Tickle tickle little weenier. Oh wait…did that sound gay?”

  10. will

    Eddie Munster called, and he wants his hair back.

  11. Jamriqua

    in every picture, there’s a captive dog saying it all with its eyes

  12. ksmack

    Damn he used to be smokin’ hot, but now he looks like a de-masculated grease ball.

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