1. joe

    “Lol.” — Kim Kardashian

  2. Bless you fish… Bless your little heart…

  3. karlito

    i can smell the shit from here.

  4. Contusion

    Just wait 10 years and take this same photo. Uhhgg….ugghghhh…bleeeeeeeeehhh.

  5. Deacon Jones

    uhhh, I could pick out nicer asses at the mall….

    Seriously, Brazil? You of all people

  6. Annabelle


  7. Mike Walker

    The second has ass implants, possibly the third too.

    • Jeff

      Someone should alert them that when you get implants in your ass you have to distinguish that you don’t want tits back there.

  8. So ass implants are a thing in Brazil? I’m surprised Coco isn’t moistening this place with her presence.

    • Only if implants in Brazil are implanted orally, over time, through Brazil’s version of Krispy Kreme.

      I don’t get this at all… Fuck you, Brazil… I had faith in you.

  9. It’s a cheese toastie line up

  10. Sheppy

    Penis is not at all sure.

  11. O'chunt

    They’re all winners in their own way.

  12. JD

    Seriously guys, to Brazil this contest is probably the equivalent of Wallmart picking an employee of the month. As in: not important at all. Visit the carnaval in Rio and you’ll see true beauties.

  13. I like em!! HEHE!

  14. cc

    God’s punishment for wrecking the rainforest?

  15. Cock Dr

    I hope this trio enjoyed their one time only posting on the SW.

  16. LilDeuceDeuce

    Average contestant height: 3’5″

  17. Sardonic

    Fiscal cliff Brazilian style.

  18. Toe Jam

    The third one seems to have a great personality. :D

  19. Toe Jam

    Coco stunt doubles.

  20. anonym

    Brazil has different butt standards.

    These hoes look like washed up pornstars

  21. bbiowa

    Thought it was three implanted dag queens in a urinal. My bad.

  22. icu

    Looks like a 3 course meal to me!

  23. “I hear Sir Mixes Very from America is the celebrity judge.”

  24. I dunno… I LOVE ass, but butt implants are just… gross. I don’t know what it is about them. They just look so unnatural. Which is odd, because tit men love boob implants. I dunno, maybe we as a society simply aren’t ready for butt implants.

  25. Vlad

    See? They can pee standing up

  26. I’ll take all three of them. Brazil is not far from Trinidad, so I’m booking a flight right now.

  27. AnnaD.


  28. Timothy

    “Those are butts? Oh, that’s cute!”
    -Kim Kardashian.

  29. Inky Black


  30. Schmidtler

    Brazilian girls have some of the greatest asses on the planet, and these 3 here have no business in any kind of Miss Butt Brazil contest. Here’s what great Brazilian asses looks like:

  31. DirtyFighter

    Somewhere Sir Mix-Alots head just exploded.

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