1. Proper maintenance is key on older models…

  2. meeps!

    That dog knows when it’s about to get fed…

  3. BandWM.instrel

    “But when she got there, Raarf! The cupboard was bare, RAARF!…”

  4. Juggs McKenzie, the silicone sniffing dog…on the case.

  5. Montana

    Look, you were great on Cheers, and it was a GREAT audition, but… Spuds McKenzie, well he just needs to have a certain LOOK, man…

  6. Montana

    Listen, you were GREAT in Cheers, and it was an awesome audition… but to play Spuds McKenzie… well you just have to have a certain look, man…

  7. cc

    He’s pulling her skin tight.

  8. Sardonic

    Like she needs to hold onto them. Please. Those bolt-ons are at permanent attention.

  9. pff

    “Honey, I think you have to call the doctor. The inflation button is stuck again.”

  10. *high fives PhotoBoy*

  11. Thanks for this Photoboy.

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