1. Frank Burns

    Kurt, I’ll give your $25 if you give Goldie your jacket.

  2. joe

    Jennifer Aniston, 2032

  3. Contusion

    Kate Hudson, 2032.

  4. James Marshall

    MMMMMmmmm, flapjacks !

  5. Jill

    ” I don’t belong here, I feel it, don’t you think I feel it. I can’t do any of these vile things and I wouldn’t WANT to. Oh, my life is like death. My children are the spawn of hell, and you’re the devil. Oh God.”
    -Overboard 1987. I feel this quote applies to one or both of them.

  6. Ronaldo

    Please honey, you are not 20 or 30 anymore.

  7. Those high beams need some adjustment.

  8. Goldie: “Yep, my plan is working honey. Nobody is looking at my face!”
    Kurt: “Couldn’t you have had a little class and just grown a full beard, like I did?”

  9. EricLr

    He escaped from New York. He escaped from L.A. But not even he can get away from this woman.

  10. The Pope

    “I’ve got the sudden urge for some pancakes, how about you Goldie?”

  11. If I wanted to see a 70 year old womans nipples, I’d follow Sharon Stone around.

    Seriously, if there’s a picture of Sharon Stone nipping hiding later in this spread, I’m going to yak.

  12. Jentilly

    They’re still better than Britney’s

  13. Montana

    “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, this is what I wake up next to.”

  14. Uncle J

    Get me my belt sander.

  15. Bigalkie

    Kurt Russell now wears a fake beard. Seriously, I’d wear Groucho glasses if I had to be seen with Goldie Hawn.

  16. cc

    “know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em”

  17. saavik001

    They both still look good for their age…

  18. Mike701

    Wow. I ummm, err, Wow!

  19. That’s what is left from her breakfast of pancakes and raisins

  20. Michael

    Kurt Russell would look great as Hawkeye for an Old Man Logan movie based on his beard.

  21. anonymous

    And yet, Goldie still looks healthier than Lindsay Lohan.

  22. Toe Jam

    Awwww…how adorably old they are. :D

  23. pff

    “Go ahead, I’ll just stay here in the back pretending I don’t know you, honey.”

  24. Dudicles

    When did Goldie Hawn start dating George Lucas?

  25. zomgbie

    goldie hawuuurrgghh.

  26. angerinside

    Ah the lower rib nipple, when you know your tit has become a teat.

  27. I’m really happy to see Scotty and Boof stuck it out all these years.

  28. Jeff

    So much plastic surgery in all the wrong places…

  29. Seriously, George Lucas and Jar Jar have never looked better. Good for them!

  30. bignips

    Look into the future, Kate Hudson, down it’s long double barrels.

  31. So that’s what await Kate Hudson in the future? No wonder she fucks around so much. Better get it while the getting’s good.

  32. Swing low sweet chariots….

  33. will

    Napples! (yes, napples)

  34. Arizona Ken

    He’s turning into Santa, and she’s turning into the least-known reindeer – Titsen.

  35. Timothy

    So this is what George Lucas is doing with his time now!

  36. Mark B

    Boy, is Arlene gonna be pissed when she sees this pic.

  37. EDIT: “Goldie Hawn’s nipples and Kurt Russell in Santa Monica”

  38. Larry Jones

    On one hand I want to applaud a lady for wanting to stay sexy and lustful. On the other hand I keep imagining my Grandma wearing a wife beater without a bra and I want to vomit.

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