1. Frank Burns

    “Throw in some swamp bol weevil juice and the bark of a Louisiana Sweetgum Tree, and then you’ll have just the concoction to cure that ghastly herpe on Kim Kardashian’s upper lip.”

  2. BandWM.instrel

    I’m pretty sure that yellow thing is the three eyed fish from Springfield

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Yo,yo, yo, ah used to eat this shit as a kid, meng”

    “haha, no, seriously, these are actual turds”

  4. “OK Guy, let’s BROWN it a little…now add some BLACK EYED peas….Now BEAT an egg and toss it in. Mmmm…this would go great with a glass of PUNCH.”

  5. Holy shit this is the first time I have ever seen Guy in something that has sleeves.

  6. Dude, Hugh Hefner just called, he says he needs some advice about “stuffing the turkey”?

  7. Bigalkie

    Sorry Drake. House rules: Coloured Chefs must wear gloves.

  8. cc

    This reminds of when my poor cat (who has since recovered) had a bacterial infection of his GI tract.

  9. What’s his show called? Diners & Dicks?

  10. The kitchen in Guy’s new Times Square joint puts out such crappy food that’s he’s now letting folks cook their own meals so long as they pay the bill.

  11. Jessica Simpson's Left Tit

    Hair nets please! Nothing like a blond spike and a nap in your Daube du jarret d’Agneau!

  12. Toe Jam


    • Toe Jam

      “I told you! You gotta jerk more donkey, to get more donkey sauce…you jackass!!”
      “The sauce is money!”
      “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

  13. CK

    Just when I though taking instagrams pics of your meals couldn’t get any GAYER…..

  14. Jeff

    So is he showing Guy how to make one of his famous cakes?

  15. Jamriqua

    so yo, what you’re saying is that i can microwave some stouffer’s, put it in a pan, slap some basil on it and no one will know that it’s not homemade?

    I do it every day brother.

  16. mrsmass

    i barely recognized Guy without his sunglasses on the back of head.

  17. Mr. Popfarts

    “Yo, yo, yo son, this is how we be Hood Cookin’ with Guy Fieri, mah nigga!!”

  18. Darth Mung

    “Is this right, Guy?”
    “The fuck do I know, I’m not a chef!”

  19. DirtyFighter

    This is just a picture of Guy Fieri training his new line cook.

  20. Larry Jones

    Is that the kid from the Drake and Josh show my kids used to watch?? I don’t remember him being black.

  21. Dick Trickle

    Bet it’s chicken.

  22. Kitten Karloso

    Holy shit! Jimy can walk?!

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