1. ThisWillHurt

    “Yes, yes. Knock you the fuck out, and such. Can I get to the post office now?”

  2. Swearin

    Poor guy, can only get a job as mall security now, and they don’t even give him a uniform

  3. “What chain?”

  4. mt

    I met this guy around 2000, shortly after 5th element.
    I’m 6ft tall, and he was a really big dude. Nice guy.

    I met Stallone too, but he was chin high with boots/lifts.
    He rode a Harley, and looked like a midget on it… loll

  5. JungleRed

    Incidentally, has there been a Suge Knight biopic yet?

  6. If by posing with fans you mean picking them up by the neck and tossing them at people like so many mackerels at the Seattle Fish Market, then this is a great example of stars giving back.

  7. Echo5

    They’s gonna be a whole lotta rapin goin on!

  8. He’s done telling each fan where the fuck to stand; he just picks ‘em up by the neck and arranges them for the photo.

  9. “Why are you out of the kitchen?”

  10. “Tiny, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.”

    “Thanks! She looks great, and I’m starving.”

    “NO, Tiny, put her down – I said ‘meet,’ not ‘eat!!!’”

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