1. And this is why professional hair and make up people make so much money.

  2. donkeylicks

    “Did you just ask my wife to take her mask off?”
    “Did you just tell my husband to put on his elevator shoes?”

  3. She’s richer than most people know.

  4. Why is he wearing a Brad Pitt wig?

  5. January Jones crossing her fingers and hope her kid wanders into traffic. Nicole could just give him that look and make him burst into flames.

  6. icu

    Which one is the chick?

  7. Oz Matters

    The only wrinkle between them is on his shirt.

  8. “Don’t worry Nicole. I won’t rest until I find out who drained your blood and who gave your husband that stupid haircut.”
    “Thanks Tom.”

  9. Andrew(why do I have to do this every time)

    Is that a 50 year anniversary of Nicole’s parents being dead? ‘Cause those are NOT happy campers!

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