1. Frank Burns

    I didn’t know Photo Boy was in Maui.

  2. blerg

    Why is Bush taking a picture of her ass?

  3. Dude’s got a half-chub going.

  4. Urbanspaceman

    Whatever happened to the days when that girl would get her boyfriend to shove that red camera up the old creep’s ass?

  5. Nope, this isn’t creepy in the slightest.

  6. KC

    Stay tuned for Masturbating to the Stars!

  7. Since she’s not nearly hot enough to encourage perving of this advanced level, I’m betting the guy is taking a photo of something completely different and is the victim of a deceptive angle.

    Does anyone really think she’s any better looking than Maui average?

  8. John Stockton’s just getting the hang of his new-fangled digital camera.

  9. “See, kids – your Dad does get what this whole Instagram thing is all about!”

  10. “Pat Robertson’s still behind me, isn’t he.”

    “Yep. Don’t bother turning around.”

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