1. I live in a VAN down BY THE RIVER!

  2. ruckus

    Shown here with his sister Willow.

  3. Ford: Fond Of Recreational Drugs

  4. Swearin

    The only parts of the world he’s discovered in his city are the ones that include Columbia, Nicaragua, Panama and southern Mexico

  5. The only part that shocked me was “that fatty smokes crack?” I find it difficult to believe. Weed? You bet your fat ass.

  6. The city of Toronto gets it. It doesn’t really matter who’s in charge so just have fun with it.

  7. CrashHell


  8. fuckface

    (singing under his breath) “fat guy and a little coke. hehehe”

  9. This guy is going on my 2014 dead pool fo sho!

  10. you know he’s looking at that t-shirt and is totally dreaming about snorting all the white off it.

  11. Larry Flynt can walk???

  12. Bra…Bra…stop leaning the camera…. I mean…stop leaning bra…

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