1. ThisWillHurt

    “OK, let’s go to the hotel and get this done.”
    “You’ve got me for three hours.”
    “Better stretch first.”

  2. It’s best to stretch before diving into some ass.

  3. blerg

    Try to snatch this pebble from my hand.

  4. alex

    It’s safe to say, you CAN take the thug out of the rapper.

  5. Seen here begging the Farrely brothers for a cameo spot in Dumb and Dumber Too

  6. wtf is that thing creature on the left?! Looks like they have landed.

  7. St. Bart’s, Ethiopia right?

  8. Weeeeeeeeeee I’m Tinker Bell !!!

  9. I know what you’re thinking after looking at this photo, but Phil Robertson is still wrong.

  10. Phoenix

    Amazing. It looks like the hat does actually come off once in a while!

  11. Howie Mandel warning that chick to keep her cooties to herself.

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