1. “No way! You’ve been roofie-ing me this whole time?!? Well, that would certainly explain a few things.”

  2. “Why are those black guys smiling about?’
    “Ah dahn’t knaw.”

  3. CK

    He just pulled out an engagement ring, didn’t he?

  4. I love that crazy chick.

  5. Swearin

    “Yeah, that guy is totally into it. He’ll be at our place by 9pm.”

  6. “So, so, hahaha, then I asked what kind of tea they had, and the waitress said “We only have Celestial Seasonings”….”

    “OH MY GOD. Did she even KNOW how they make that tea?!”

  7. Schadenfreude

    Always, the method actress, Amanda Seyfried displays how she prepared for her role in “Lovelace”.

  8. “Look Amanda…how can I put this? It’s like I’m a Mac and your a PC.”

  9. *Sigh* Blond actresses. Again honey, knees first, then open.

  10. She just found out he had one of Santa’s reindeer shot and stuffed for her for Christmas.

  11. Margaret

    do not let it be true that that dummy gets to fuck that lovely piece.

  12. She’s as surprised he’s still around as the rest of us.

  13. Ironballs McGillicutty

    “Nah, Justin, his was like this big. But your’s is cute, too. Don’t even worry about it.”

  14. “Amanda’s reaction to Justin landing the title role of the big screen Gilligan’s Island.”

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