1. ThisWillHurt

    “You’ll want to arch your back slightly. This will push your glutes up and give you better resistance as you push yourself upwards.”
    “Who the hell are you?”

  2. How come when I try that on a playground, I get tagged with a Megan’s Law citation?

  3. Rico Jones

    Seen here filming an episode for

  4. blerg

    I said squeeze bitch!

  5. The storylines on are getting elaborate.

  6. “Where’s the rest of his pack?”- Mel Gibson

  7. Planking. You’re doing it wrong.

  8. Andrew (ditto)

    Trainer: ‘And those are the rudimentary physics of a push-up…….Unless of course you discount the asymptotic and the Boltzmann distribution affects theories as proposed by Dr.WhyCan’tYouWorkOutLikeNormalPeople!!!!????’

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