1. donkeylicks

    Thats weird, I thought that the Doctor’s companions were always female?

  2. I’d bet my life, no, my soul, that this man on the left has molested several young children. Several.

  3. Little known fact; Stevie Wonder is best enjoyed from 4 inches away.

  4. “Dude, I can totally feel you breathing. Quit fucking around and get back to your piano!”

  5. Willie Dixon

    “What key am I play now? What key am I playing now? What key am I playing now?”

  6. Father Dougal

    Just an FYI to all you boorish philistines who wouldn’t know good music if it teabagged your grandma, that there feller, Chick Corea, is one wickedly talented genius on the keyboards in his own right. Too much concentrated musical awesome for one picture to contain right there.

    …shame he looks like such a creepy motherfucker, mind you.

  7. Odbarc

    He really Is blind… tee hee.

  8. Those of us with normal vision take many things for granted, but there’s nothing quite as heart-warming as the gift that a seeing eye porn reader can give to the differently sighted.

  9. Echo5

    ‘You see what I did there?’
    ‘Hey fuck yo mama’

  10. “Are you ready for your prostate exam Mr. Wonder?”

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