1. I bet that beer bottle gets more action that he does, these days.

  2. I’m thinking Ron Burgundy got the tropical island treatment whereas Ron Jeremy got the orphanage.

  3. The Hedgehog has still got it.

  4. What in the name of sweet baby jesus is that smell?
    “I haven’t washed my cock in 3 years”

  5. Once a walking herpes sore, always a …

  6. mt

    This guy was a pig, in his prime. The girls used to hate
    working with him, he never showered. 30 years later,
    I don’t think he can close his mouth any more.

  7. Thank the great lord Xenu for well placed Beer bottles.

  8. “Find my penis…Who wants to find my penis?!”

  9. He looks good. Definitely a guy who saved and invested all of his money from his prime days of porn. What?!

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