1. Swearin

    He had to show that badge or they wouldn’t have let him in

  2. “I had a stroooke……”

  3. CrashHell

    It’s Morphin Time…Tyrannosaurus!

  4. Undercover bean dip.

  5. They can make colostomy bags look like anything these days.

  6. Dox

    Erik, the belt buckle goes in the front you dipshit.

  7. Normally I would make fun, but I’ve met this guy a couple of times in the last few years at charity events and he couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating to the hundreds of people that ask to get their photo taken with “Ponch.”

  8. JimBB

    Sir, I swear I didn’t steal your keys! They were on the board a minute ago, honest! Look, you can check my pockets!!

  9. Yes, I’ve already met deputy penis. That jokes getting old, put it away.

  10. “Hey kids…*burp*….there’s a new underwear checker is in town….”

  11. Please be aware that parking valets are restricted to the front entrance…

  12. He’s lookin pretty trim these days.

  13. mt

    Wow a fake cop badge, to go with his fake hair, and his fake teeth!

  14. “Jose, stop screwing around on the red carpet and go get the drinks and food for the guests that will be here soon”

  15. “I’m the LEAD valet thank you very much!”

  16. Since when do they give the valet a badge?

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