1. IAmAGuest

    Suddenly Kanye is interested in Unicef. Verrrry interested.

  2. Tiggles

    You guys are really going the for low-hanging fruit when it comes to comedy.

    • Dox

      Like balls, low hanging fruit can be sat… upon… causing immense pain, and embarrassment….

      yeah I have no idea where I’m going with this….

  3. Kanye just got the joke.

  4. Well, I suppose as long as it’s für the Kinder.

  5. It’s way better than being named Mike Hunt.

  6. “I’d say thank you for coming out to support a wonderful cause, but then again, I can’t believe that some of you bitches wore white after labor day!”

  7. get with Krupa and make some sweet, sweet bouillabaise.

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