1. I wonder if her boyfriend loves her enough to beat her almost to death. Sigh, he really is special.

  2. Slut judge Rihanna is not impressed.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Dumb bitch. She probably doesn’t have a real education and has some idiot boyfriend who doesn’t respect her and beats her every time she . . . oh.”

  4. Rihanna is giving her the eyes that cut.

  5. “You think you’re hot shit, bitch. You look like you can’t even take a punch to the face.”

  6. Ebony skank and ivory skank.

  7. Dox

    In a moment of reflection, Rihanna began to regret some of her life choices.

  8. “I’m warning you, bitch, look at me just one more time and I’m gonna get all Sharkeria on your bitch ass.”

  9. “How come it not mah ass shakin up dere mon?”

  10. She’s just jealous she had to wear more clothes than the dancers.

  11. Odbarc

    The cheerleader has a black eye. Chris is cheating on me.

  12. “She’s pretty…TOO pretty!”

  13. whatever

    look at her, she just realized chris brown did something really bad to her, and she feels blank and stupid for going back and forth with him for years after, she just listed him on her deathlist, ”i’m a big star” ”i have security” ”i’ll have them take care of chris brown for me”

  14. Damn, if looks could kill.

    FILA hat, New Balance shoes and a gold herringbone chain from the 90s, is this how black hipsters dress? I am so confused.

  15. Why is her soul still in her body? Chris was right – my powers have gone away since we broke up.

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