1. “And then, my dough-tah landed a job as a fashion critic!”

  2. Sharon’s telling him about the man whose wife cut his dick off, threw it in the garbage disposal and turned it on. Sharon’s always found it hilarious.

  3. Dox

    Somehow Louis just didn’t believe that Sharon had her vagina tightened…..

    (Go look it up. It still gives me nightmares.)

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This bitch just told me her kids are talented.

  5. cc

    As if she’s ever said anything that funny.

  6. “No really, Kanye is a musical genius.”

  7. ” No seriously, my son and daughter are totally talented and earned their jobs on their own, no nepotism involved”.

  8. Speaking of thumbs up another’s ass…

  9. “so now when I walk it sounds like this: fffffffffffffffff”

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