1. Tiggles

    Which one is Steven Tyler?

  2. “Criss, can’t you make this traffic disappear or some shit like that?”

  3. “Honey, did you make sure they sprayed the undercarriage, too? HABBADDA SHABBADDA BAPPADDA WOOO!”

  4. Dox

    “Told you to take the last right, ignorant twat.”

  5. Gore Vidal

    McKayla Maroney is unimpressed.

  6. bonky

    Just take me home. I don’t want to do some “after party” or some
    red carpet shit, I just want to go home. I hurt everywhere, I haven’t
    been able to poop in 3 or 4 days so I am all bloated, I got a ringing in my ears and
    my blood pressure is through the roof. My dentures are loose so
    I can barely talk to people, I mean, why do I have to keep doing
    this ?

  7. caley

    It’s like someone taking E.T. dressed up as a woman for a ride in a car.

  8. Pheeew, seriously honey you’ve gotta cut back on all that fibre, I can’t breath in here!!!

  9. “Wait…If that’s my nana in my rear view mirror, Who the hell is did I pick up?”

  10. tlmck

    “…but I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home.”

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    You can tell she’s mentally preparing for the task ahead of her.

  12. Schadenfreude

    “Let me show you how Paul Walker did it.”

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