1. buttplug


    Yeah, that petty much covers it.

  2. Sad Goldie is sad.

  3. Dox

    Ok.. seriously… how the fuck do you get Turkey neck, and Frozen Face at the same time?

    Isn’t that a violation of Plastic Surgery Bylaws or something?

  4. And suddenly I’m NOT hungry for pancakes.

  5. No, no. no, no!

  6. JimBB

    Oh no, sweetie, that shirt’s not for you.

  7. She looks like she just got done sucking some plastic surgeon’s dick in the park for a vial of Botox.

  8. This woman is older than hollywood, just count the rings around her liver spots.

  9. navvet75

    I’m blind! I’m blind!

  10. The “G” is silent.

  11. whatever

    oh no, no, just no, oh no, oh no. oh no.
    altzheimers, she thinks it’s 1980

  12. Goldie would look OK if she’d put on a bra and something with a sleeve.

  13. Vidarr

    I didn’t know they were filming a sequel to “Death Becomes Her”?

  14. Well she *is* 68 years old, folks. My grandmother was 67 when she died, and looked far linier and droopier than Goldie does. I know it’s The Sup, but cut her a little slack – she’s been alive for more than double (and for some, triple) the amount of years most of us have.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …so, i was’nt the only one thinking; “hm, for old lady titties, those are’nt bad at all.”

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