1. There’s a lot of fertile ground in this photo, but I’m going to focus on WORLDS WORST HANDSHAKE!

  2. CrashHell

    DANG! Kevin Nealon is one dark mutha fuka.

  3. “Check out this killer tattoo I got from 2001.”

  4. Dox

    I’m guessing its pronounced douche….

  5. “Yeah, I just got it. The guy at the tattoo parlor said it would make me look tough and sexy. Soooo…… Can I bang you wife, now?”

  6. Holiday weekend in Miami: $4300
    Tribal tattoo from ’98: $150.
    Finally being able to comfortably hold hands with boyfriend in public: priceless!

  7. JimBB

    Sanskrit symbol for “dipshit”

  8. ” Ok you get the limp handshake and I’m going to put my squirrel nuts in the hot sand. So catch me later gut master! “

  9. They got it wrong…it’s Donny Douche.

  10. cc

    Yes, I know, I might get mistaken for an outlaw biker but I still like it.

  11. martina

    “Why yes, yes I am a douche”

  12. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “…so I said, give me a horrbile tattoo from 1997…”

  13. Inside tan guy’s head: “Ohmigod, he’s forgotten we were shaking hands, and now he’s telling me about his tattoo. It’s already been two minutes. It would be awkward to take my hand away now, but this is excruciating…and is that a photographer? You idiot – always wait until after the handshake is over before you suck up to a self-absorbed asshole by saying, ‘Hey, nice tattoo. What’s the story behind that?’”

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