1. IT’S A TRAP!!!!

  2. I’m far from a fashion critic, but haven’t we seen this dress on Taylor Swift? A hundred times?

  3. cc

    I kind of wouldn’t mind seeing her naked…her skin must be lovely.

  4. Still boring.

  5. That is one beautiful woman. I don’t care how crazy she is.

  6. I’m awaiting the song dedicated to our relationship.
    “He shot it in my eyes and didn’t call the next day” is going straight to number 1!

  7. Boy, it’s hard to keep up with these P.C. expressions. So we’re going with “Winter Whites” now, where we used to say “Pasty-ass”?

  8. Stop trying to make Dishwater Beige happen.

  9. Schadenfreude

    Taylor Swift is revealed to be the “Musicbot 9000″ due to her ability to only have 1 pose for photgraphers.

  10. Even in London, she’s still judging you.

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