1. I rike those sexy dark regs.

  2. Swearin

    Oh yeah, he roofied the tea

  3. I guess this is before she pours the scalding-hot tee in Kobayashi-san’s lap, spits in his face and throws her phone at him.

  4. YadaYada

    Aging like fine wine … and just to make sure, I would take a big long sniff of it and swirl it around in my mouth …

  5. Vlad

    That’s it, drink the tea…drink the tea. Toshiaki-san is getting the brown sugar soon.

  6. Dox

    Japanese Tea Ceremony- Or the way of the tea. Perhaps one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever created can be summed up into this sentence….

    “Treasure each meeting, for it can never be reproduced.”

    Which quite possibly in this case, might be a side benefit.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    Two seconds later, the Japanese guy had a diamond studded blackberry sticking out of his ear.

  8. Wasn’t that guy in Sixteen Candles?

  9. Dude…don’t do it man…Black chicks are fucking nuts

    I banged one a couple years ago (throws up in mouth) on a Saturday night and she showed up at my work that Monday screaming at me because I didnt text her back

    • Mio

      One woman who was Black. One… out of millions and millions, 000,000,000… and you did just one? Can you explain to me how that became “Black women” as a group?

  10. Sleeeeep…..sleep

  11. He’s waiting for her to put those high heels in his dark one eye chili ring.

  12. They both look so damn smug. Looks like a successful cash transaction went down.

  13. cc

    Naomi Campbell, pffft, bitch has met her match in Kaizer Soze.

  14. My man has good taste, dangerous taste, but good taste nonetheless.

  15. Not pictured : the manager who caught a cell phone upside his head for booking this gig.

  16. Dick Thunder

    Herro Hotstuff, I rearry rove your brown chocorate regs baby…..

  17. Schadenfreude

    “This tea better be good or Imma throw this cup right at this muthfucka’s head!”

  18. She has always been beautiful, and the only one out of the true supermodels back in the day who can still model.

  19. donkeylicks

    Broke out her finest japanese style wig for the event I see.

  20. You know, you don’t have to use the entire bottle of baby oil on your legs …

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