1. ThisWillHurt

    Is this a scene from “Orange is the New Black”?

  2. Swearin

    “Hey Coco, pretend your this turkey; can you show me how you got Ice T to marry you?”

  3. I’ve seen this movie, but with more Germans.

  4. That’s only one of the turkeys, the other two are thawing in her pants.

  5. Wow, Coco, thats a lot of ass.

    How much stuffing can you get up in there?

  6. I’d be so thankful for the opportunity to stuff Coco. Looks like she’s got two Christmas hams stuffed down her pants. I love ham.

  7. This is how all my fan fiction starts, regardless of the genre.

  8. Frank Burns

    Anyone else hear the theme from “Titanic” playing in the background?

  9. Vlad

    See? I told you fisting was like stuffing a turkey.

  10. cc

    Is it possible to retroactively lose your appetite?

  11. Oh, c’mon, people. Who among us hasn’t Googled lesbian turkey porn at least once?

  12. bonky

    You keep rubbing in this one place for 5 minutes and you are all done.
    It’s a bit more messy but guys really like it.

  13. “OMG here let ME do it! How do you ever expect to make it in porn?”

  14. JungleRed

    I’m strangely turned on.

    ***checks into rehab***

  15. I guess everyone in the pic loves butt stuffing?

  16. Ken

    Where does she find jeans to fit that?

  17. I gotta be honest…there’s a lot less Purple Drink in that kitchen than I expected.

  18. No dignity to be found in there either.

  19. “You’re doing good. Now tell her you will help her with a career in entertainment.”

  20. “After you are done practicing on this turkey, you should be ready to do this to my ass next”

  21. In my mind, the soundtrack for this moment is Luther Ingrams “if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

  22. donkeylicks

    “So after you shave the demon head you have to force your hand through it’s eye socket… there we go.”

  23. Schadenfreude

    “Mine is bigger”

  24. john

    “there’s the spot, FIST IT LIKE YOU DID TO ME LAST NIGHT BITCH!!!!!!!”

    and I am done. LOL

  25. “This is how I want you to do it, but remember to use three times more melted butter.”

  26. martina

    She is so HazMat.
    Honestly, has anyone called LA’s HazMat Team?

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