1. Just out of frame stands a man that’s 5’11″.

  2. Look, up in the sky!”
    “It’s a bird.”
    “It’s a plane”.
    “It’s Superman!”
    No, It’s Tom!
    No, It’s Thetans!
    No, It’s L. Ron Hubbard!
    No, it’s a bird. Nevermind.

  3. Buddy the Elf

    “When Tommy talks to me it looks like this…”

  4. “Thetan? Is that you?”

  5. Raoul

    “Damn. Did he grab a helium balloon AGAIN?!?”

  6. Not Pictured: The biggest black microphone EVER!

  7. JC

    “Xenu? Are you calling me to the Promised Land? Even though I haven’t yet done my 5 years of hard labor on one of the Church’s Kidnap Clippers?”

  8. SSHGuru

    She’s looking at the thetan that just left her body.

  9. Johnny P!

    One minute after this photo was taken, a Scientologist (cleverly dressed as an old man walking his dog) pushed her re-boot button. Then, it was back to “things as normal” for Katie!

  10. Frank Burns


  11. Drundel

    OMG, is that what I look like?

  12. TigerGD

    “Seriously, is there a phallic symbol Tom won’t climb?”

  13. userofalltrades

    Katie discovers just how big Tom’s closet is.

  14. Lita

    So *those* are clouds!

  15. BAHAH

    “Is…Is that…Is that Tom? Why is Tom dangling on a skyscraper? Mission Impossible is done filming already…”

  16. Venom

    “Shit Tom was right, there really are aliens”.

  17. cc

    I was changing in my hotel room when she happened by…who knew she could see me from there?

  18. Classic Kim Kardashian pose.

  19. MrsWrong

    And on that fateful day the winged child known as Suri took to flight to avenge her father, Lucifer, for the betrayal of silence L. Ron Hubbard forsake in the name of Scientology

  20. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock


  21. farting old man's wife

    She is watching how hard and flat that mission impossible number 4 is going splatter!!

  22. Dinosaurland

    “Oh, so that’s what the sky looks like. It always seems so small through the bars.”

  23. whiskeyafternoon

    behold the mothership!

  24. Blech

    It’s as if she’s anticipating a second coming-
    Not that that would ever happen. Tom has cum once and only for the sake of creating Suri.

  25. tlmck

    Tom was wrong. Tall men are amazing!

  26. Oz Matters

    I tend to find that if you drop the ping pong ball just at this point on the laughing clowns, you do get 5 points.

  27. “Lord, has your voice always sounded like my husband’s?”

  28. “Ooooooooooh, so that’s why Tom only hires Asians to be his pool boy.”

  29. “OMG! Is that? Damn it Tom! Not another penis drawing with your plane. Damn it Tom! Not Funny!”

  30. bodhaiii

    Just out of frame is Lex Steele holding another black microphone.

  31. 1inPink1inStink

    Look at her, she’s in the baggy sweater with leggings and boots look like she wore on Dawson’s Creek. Awwwww, 90′s. Where’s my Hootie & The Blowfish CD?

  32. Not pictured:Her emotion suppression chip.

  33. Betty

    Why does her right leg look like it’s on backwards?

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