1. Cock Dr

    Much better angle. Yes, she has nice tits. Too bad about the brain damage.

    • Snack pack

      It is shoots like this where I’m thankful I didn’t grow up to be a photographer. Could you imagine how long it took and how much coaching was required to finally make her look halfway interesting?

  2. SminkyPinky

    Nice tits, its a pity she likes the girls.

  3. she needs 4, maybe 5 more small tattoos…any more would just be tacky.

  4. Seem that nowadays any slob can get in front of the camera and they make them look presentable in the editing room. We’ll eventually just skip the middle man and we’ll be jacking to CGI women.

    OK. I may have already done that on occasion, but I should have the option is all I’m saying.

  5. dotmatrix


  6. Venom

    Man she just has shitty tattoos everywhere.

  7. That rusty metal chair is pretty hot in this picture.

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