1. anthonyOA

    End of an era. The Jurassic era. Yikes.

  2. You know, Scientology could have kept that tooth from turning brown.

  3. Deacon Jones

    (breathing fast, not blinking)
    “You see, I had a kid and went fucking psycho…..so now I take anti-psychotics and I’m totally normal now!!”

  4. Amy

    So makeup and teeth whitening products don’t make 60 year olds look 30? Damn commercials.

  5. Buddy the Elf

    Someone drowned in that blue lagoon and the body washed ashore.

  6. There’s a guy named Brooke Shields?

  7. Evil Dick Tater

    Based on the bared canines and furry muzzle I must conclude that Brooke Shields has been bitten by a werewolf. Good for her, after all this time she finally did something interesting!

  8. I’ve got the sinking feeling we’re no more than 18 months from an “empowering” nude appearance in Playboy that will show us all how 50 year old women “can still be sexy”.

  9. Joe Blow

    “Come closer my pretties!”

  10. Mike701

    Having time traveled back from 20 years in the future, Natalie Portman describes the world of tomorrow to the press.

  11. Frank Burns

    “Why yes, these are Jordache Orthopedic Jeans that I’m wearing.”

  12. Throjo

    Creature of the Blue Lagoon.

  13. Mr. Poop


  14. Do_Freebird

    When does Dorothy’s house fall on her?

  15. Venom

    Damn, I remember when she used to be hot….sigh.

  16. MrsWrong

    I guess Thetans DON’T do a body good

  17. Any Guy

    i’m glad to see Maria Shriver is able to find laughter again.

  18. farting old man's wife

    Please no more close ups of her!! She has went to hell in a hand basket ! Damn, we get that!!

  19. Matt

    Natalie Portman is taking the loss of Patty Jenkins as director of Thor 2 really badly.

  20. browny

    She’s great. She’s a high IQ woman who doesn’t feel the need to young up. Good on you, Brooke, no make-up and a big smile. She’s come through her childhood intact. Props.

  21. dr

    I can’t believe she has the nerve to advertise tooth whitening products with those damn baked bean teeth she has. You damn liar!

  22. Ell

    I’m not sure why she’s laughing, since she’s just going to get counter-sued by Justin Bieber about the false paternity claims..

  23. tlmck

    Why yes! I do go to the same plastic surgeon as Sarah Jessica Parker. He is just mahvelous!

  24. I’ll get you, my pretty and your little dog, too!

  25. catapostrophe

    “Nothing comes between me and my Depends undergarments.”™

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