1. dude!

    Dear Santa:
    I’ll take two of these, please. I have been a very good boy…er . . uh, dude.

  2. Deacon Jones


  3. Looks like another candidate for the final five

  4. whatsmyface

    Nicccce. Veddy nice.

  5. Dear Santa,

    I have been good for the past week or so. Let’s just focus on that. I’d like this one, and you don’t even have to wrap it.

  6. Kitty


  7. dotmatrix

    I can remember when Ukrainian women were all fat old babas dressed in burlap.

  8. MrsWrong

    Soccer? But I barely know her…Ba-dum psshhh

  9. Venom

    She upped her game from the last time we saw her. Well done.

  10. cc

    I hate him.

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