1. I would kick small children to be with that…

  2. Cock Dr

    Did she stuff a calzone down the front of those tights?

  3. Hugh Gentry

    I miss seeing her make out with her gay son.

  4. Seymoure? I want to see less.

  5. It’s OK if her son stays at home and sniffs her panties, he’s GAY people!

  6. She had sex with Axl Rose, which ironically has no career either.

  7. BAHAH

    Forget about her crotch having a cameltoe, it looks like she has a penis.

  8. Vacuum-sealed for freshness?

  9. ri

    Things Axl Rose wishes he still had:
    1. Her
    2. A Career
    3. Integrity
    4. Friends
    5. Talent (oh wait that was Slash that had that sorry)

  10. cc

    I’m going to Arby’s…who’s coming?

  11. I’m typing this with my boner.

  12. Introducing VagCups. Protection for women.

  13. Is that seam in the material or under the material?

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