1. She’s dating the Hanson kids now? She could do better. And I base that solely on her leaked pictures BTW

  2. Deacon Jones

    (photographer) “Dudes! How sweet are her tits!?!”

  3. HorontHearsABoob

    Who’s the High Fivin’ White Guy on the right?

    Dude needs to give Shaun White his haircut back.

  4. This Indy uses his striped scarf instead of a bullwhip.

  5. Buddy the Elf

    Nothing to see here, apparently everything is just A-OK.

  6. so hansen is cheating on all their wives now? polygamy and incest? impressive.

  7. Well, now I feel a little better about Kat rebuffing my advances.

  8. Gerttastic

    Manpurse works with the . . .felt hat?

  9. Dude, that better be a camera case…cuz if not, combined with the hat and scarf, you’ve got an express pass to an E-ticket ass kicking.

  10. Harry & William are such idiots and you can see they would love to be tapping Pippa.

  11. Jill Ess

    look at those fucking hipsters.

  12. Swearin

    This hipster remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark is going to be terrible

  13. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Living quotation marks- the ultimate in hipster chic

  14. Coyote

    Proof that Hipsters are bigger douches than previously recorded

  15. dontkillthemessenger

    Which one of these gay dudes is her boyfriend? (And gets to see her amazing rack?)

  16. Do_Freebird

    So one of them is a boy? Ummmm the short one in the middle?

  17. MrsWrong

    Pictured from left to right: Jude Law, Liv Tyler, and Carrot Top in the 1996 flop Empire Records II

  18. Alison

    Are they making ANOTHER Indiana Jones movie?

  19. Venom

    Boobs, big giant awesome boobs.
    Someone should tell her that her boyfriend is gay.

    Funny how she rags on hipsters on her show and she is one and dates one. Kind of sad.

    • kimmykimkim

      That show is fucking horrible. I’ve tried to watch it twice and have had to turn it off less than halfway through. It’s so bad, it makes me want to punch MYSELF in the face.

  20. whatsmyface

    Go ahead and cover those awesome funbags with a bad sweater and a shitty jacket. No big deal.

  21. cc

    Oh God, it’s the freshman class at a liberal arts college. A really gay one.

  22. Blech

    Is this a promo for that ‘Two Gays and a Lesbian’ show?

  23. Asked to rate the quality of Cat’s breasts, the two young gentlemen both…

  24. So Heath Ledger died and came back as a hipster paleontologist? That sucks.

  25. Fuckin’ lucky hipster douche drowning in a sea of tits.

  26. stratacat

    no one is going to take your boobs seriously if you keep acting like this, Kat.

  27. Looks like they just found out it’s not gay if it’s a three-way.

  28. Who wants to play ‘find the things wrong with this picture’?

  29. melissa

    Sorry Fish, I dunno where you get your info from but Kat Dennings isn’t dating a Hanson…

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