1. There is nothing gay at all about the buddy-system hand-job.

  2. As long as we don’t have to see them rub anything else together.

  3. Buddy the Elf

    I must break you.

  4. Waiting for the third guy to see if it fits.

  5. Little Tongue

    If they’re looking for a double date, I’ve got a sister. They’re our type, too.

  6. “We know that Kim’s mouth will open this wide!”

  7. So this is what Hayden Panettiere’s asshole looks like now.

  8. Joe Blow

    “Our last name begins with ‘Klit’. What did you expect us to to do, Herbert?”

  9. Joe Blow

    “Yo, where the midget ho’s at?”

  10. Frank Burns

    “Borscht Twin powers, activate!”

  11. MrsWrong

    4 in the pink, Six in the stink

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This was going to be a thumbfight until their mother found out.

  13. MRF

    What did Hayden’s look like?

  14. Even with their hands combined like that, they’d still have to grease their noses to get them to fit through at the same time.

  15. tlmck

    They have just been told Serena Williams is single.

  16. “When we become co-presidents, this will become new symbol on Russian flag!”

  17. “Donate organ, yes?. Or we make you asshole like this.”

  18. Violet

    Hayden Panettiere wasn’t tall enough to make the frame.

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