1. jorge

    what. the. fuck?

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Adam, why don’t you grow some facial hair so you look less like a teenage girl?”
    The next day . . .
    “Um . . . forget what I said.”

  3. Rick

    Whenever the GLBT people want equality and same-whatever, this is the reason why you’re not getting it.

    • cc

      You know, I have to agree. I’ve worked with gay guys that looked, dressed, and sounded like ordinary, everyday guys. I know Adam Lambert is an entertainer but still…why perpetuate ‘queen’ stereotypes?

      • Alison

        The point is to be whoever you are, even if you happen to fit a stereotype. What about the straight, skinny nerds who have no interest in being macho either?

        On top of that, being a queen is awesome. Maybe you should try it some time.

      • tlmck

        There is a fine line between being a queen and being bat shit crazy.

      • catapostrophe

        Right, Alison–if one wants to put forth the effort to meticulously and blatantly style oneself after exaggerated, laughably cartoonish “queen” stereotypes, one ought to go right ahead and do that.

      • Yeah, how dare people expect equal rights when they have an appearance you dislike! Those bastards!

  4. Pictured: a more masculine Tom Cruise.

  5. I thought we were an enlightened group here…
    That’s not facial hair my friends… Apparently he likes to go deep..

  6. BB

    Looks like Friday the 21st is getting started early.

  7. BWM.nstrl

    Look out, look out,

    Jack Frost is about.

    He’s after our fingers and toes,

    And all through the night,

    The gay little sprite

    He’s working where nobody knows.

  8. JennywithaY

    Oh, man, the new Tinker Bell movie is going to be just awesome!

  9. Why does the leopard print shirt, of all things in this photo, annoy me the most?

  10. “Tone it down, boy.” – RuPaul.

  11. Lala

    is it just me, or does he look evil…

  12. Something tells me…he’s gay.

  13. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    He’s Mister Taint Meister, He’s Mister Splooge…
    He’s Mister Chaps Wearer…He’s Mister Likin’-'Em-Huge.

  14. shemp

    I didn’t know cock-sucking was allowed on Dragonball Z…

  15. Paint him green and he’s the gay grinch.

  16. Even by his own standards; he out-gayed himself!

  17. Taibshe

    Still more masculine looking than Bieber.

  18. gregsuarez

    If Rachel Weisz were somehow able to be knocked up by the entire state of New Jersey, this would be the result.

  19. Even the gays had to admit…”This is just wrong!”

  20. Skeezix

    “Call me Merkin, and I’m yours!”

  21. journalschism

    What LeAnn Rimes’ vagina does to every man eventually. You were warned, Eddie Cibrian!

  22. EricLr

    He and Criss Angel just came to a joint custody agreement on their stylist.

  23. The Royal Penis

    The mixed message this picture represents hurts my brain.

    Plus- I want to vomit.

  24. Natty Ice

    Last I checked, wanting to look and act like George Michael wasn’t exactly a good thing.

  25. mando

    behold the cosmetics grinch

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