1. you don’t see tiny sidewinders very often

  2. Cock Dr

    Is she even alive here? Someone check for a pulse.

  3. Little Tongue

    Don’t hate the weird colored persons. They’re people too.

  4. From the thumbnail i was going to say somehtign disparaging about her but then boobs.

  5. Once again, Madame Tussaud’s has outdone itself.

  6. I don’t think Edmund was just in it for the Turkish Delight.

  7. The boobs saved it. Is it okay to fap to a frozen corpse?

  8. cc

    Is she poseable, like an action figure? That’d be cool.

  9. She is what I meant when I said I wanted to vacation in Havana.

  10. cc

    Guaranteed to make Bill Clinton lose his shit.

  11. Vlad

    Is a Havana Brown anything like a Cleveland Steamer?

  12. If I let go, my airhead flies off.

  13. tlmck

    Just added “visit Havana” to bucket list.

  14. HIV Divas. This is where my dyslexia actually works for me.

  15. Maybe if I keep touching it, people won’t notice it’s a wig. Mmm hair.

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