1. That is all kinds of awful…not even surgery could have helped this one.

  2. Has anyone seen her and Adam Lambert in the same place?

  3. By my rough calculations, she has about 60% too much face.

  4. Jade

    Your horrible lipstick is clashing with your horrible hair.

  5. Count Chocula

    Show: AHS:Asylum
    Role: Experiment #3

  6. meeps!

    Did somebody punch her…?

  7. The thumbnail was cuter.

  8. Radadoon

    Adam Lambert’s cheeks are filling out, he must be squirreling away some nuts for the winter.

  9. That’s an unfortunate picture.

  10. cc

    She’s ready to dish out some of that Native Love.

  11. Damn, I think it was just last week that I was thinking she might be a decent one-night stand. Hmmm…I better reconcile my medication list.

  12. zomgbie

    so… face plumper?

  13. Vlad

    I literally slammed the back of my head against the wall when the picture loaded, trying desperately to move it as far away from the computer screen as possible.

  14. Sardonic

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Susan Boyle has never looked better.

  15. Who’d have thought Ozzie would end up to be the attractive one of the family?

  16. Fiona preferred her natural look.

  17. Holy crap Batman…she’s gained back all her weight and then some…….Oyyy!

  18. Jamriqua

    your purple hair makes your face look green. which makes you look like she hulk. which may actually be who you are, except a less hot version

  19. bamf

    won’t you take me to chunky town


  21. Nik

    She needs to get that surgery where they shave down your jowls other then that shes done a good job keeping the weight off!

  22. The Refattening.

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