1. Count Chocula

    More like ‘The Nut Receptacle’ amirte

  2. BB

    That’s cool, Holly, good for you and shit.

  3. Radadoon

    Props Holly, you have absolutey no talent yet you have made yourself into a photogs cash co. Are you sure you are not a cousin of the Kardashians? Is Kendra too? I knew it!

  4. Radadoon

    cow…. why is this page so hard to type comments too?

  5. Is she pregnant? Cause I’ve not seen a picture of her in a few months. If she is, I hope she would indicate it in some way.

  6. Lady, stop holding it like it’s gonna fall off.

  7. Similar to “The Nutcracker” Hef made them perform at the Mansion each holiday, in the fact that there were a bunch of gals dancing around and nobody really wanted to be there.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    In the last ultrasound, the baby appeared to be wearing a t-shirt that read, “I’m with stupid”.

  9. journalschism

    How many guys have been named ‘Nutcracker’ in Vegas over the last 60 years?

  10. Noel

    She looks beautiful! Yay Holly! Baton Rouge, Louisiana loves you!!!!!

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