1. jorge


  2. TSA: “Sir, the milimeter scanner is giving off a massive Douche alarm. Level 4, Sir!”

  3. Count Chocula

    hey kain’t qwit meh

  4. joe

    Brokeback Douchebag

  5. Totally unchoreographed, natural style. He’s so REAL, man.

  6. BB

    He needs to ride a nuke that lands on top of only him.

  7. Animal

    Headed for a men’s room stall for some footsy, no doubt.

  8. On his way, to bone more bitches.

  9. cc

    Honestly, I can’t even believe this fuckin’ guy gets laid.

  10. Oh, TELL us about your many adventures!

  11. Radadoon

    That is the most reasonable shoes to wear through the TSA Security line…. NOT. What kind of sotoge wears crap like that….

  12. Damn. I love this guy’s music, but everytime I see him it’s a bummer. I need to stop looking at his pictures. Cherish the music.

  13. I guess he doesn’t realize how retarded he looks.

  14. Oh look, it’s retarded Woody.

  15. Toe Jam

    On this episode of “Pussy Slayer”…

  16. Katy is clanking 20 paces behind in a Buzz Lightyear costume staying, you know, incognito.

  17. Jentilly


  18. John Mayer Thought Balloon: “I couldn’t look any gayer. Surely NOW the women will leave me alo–Oh, dammit, here comes Kate Perry again.”

  19. Pace Picante Sauce commercial??

  20. It’s Mister Douchie-Boots to you my good friend.

  21. EricLr

    He should be eating pudding.

  22. tlmck

    The younger brother Indiana Jones never talks about.

  23. like a dime store cowboy, getting poked at the rodeo, with offers coming over the phone… (apologies to Glen Cambell)

  24. like a dazed stoned cowboy, getting smoked at the rodeo… (again sorry Glen)

  25. like a dime store cowboy…(you get the drift, apologies)

    I’ll stop now (maybe).

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