1. Four bits looks half baked.

  2. Holy shit, Biggie’s alive!!

  3. Count Chocula

    PacMan ate the ghost behind him

  4. @*&#^$%

    Justin Bieber doesn’t get it, you can’t pull off this look unless you actually are a large muscular tattooed black man.

  5. So.. many.. consonants… need to buy… a vowel.

  6. Wow. That white goblet gives him so much street cred.

  7. 5o Cent waitin’ for change.

  8. In England, he’s known as “4 Shillings, Tuppence.”

  9. Needs more diamonds.

  10. Even when panhandling, Fiddy does it in style.

  11. “Do I have to explain this again? I don’t own a candy shop and the lollipop is my penis! Its called symbolism!”

  12. I started shitting bricks even before I saw it.

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