1. Just two dudes out for a night on the town.

  2. Little Tongue

    Mark my words: these boobs are up to strangle her. She needs a shining spot on every death pool there is.

  3. Cock Dr

    Those boobs have an agenda of their own.

  4. Arianny Celeste thinks those are bad implants.

  5. She still hasn’t learned how to breathe through her nose.

  6. cc

    Is that Josh Lucas in the background? I figured he could do better, you know, dating a human being.

  7. I have to admit I am at somewhat of a loss here as to what the problem is with this woman. She has more money than God and is, from my vantage point, very attractive (breast implants notwithstanding). But posters to this site always say rude things and put her down. What did I miss?

    • The fact that she has all that money and still couldn’t be bothered to get a better pair of implants. Seriously, if you’re rich and brought up to have class, you shouldn’t be presenting yourself as indistinguishable from all those pumped-up English reality-show bimbos.

  8. Skeezix

    In the event of a water landing, I’m grabbing onto her…

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