1. karlito

    never seen so many ho-bags like the Kardashians being so proud to have big, fat, ugly, floppy, smelly asses and show them off like they’re the sexists things in the world. i rather fuck a cow…..i guess that would be redundant.

  2. Cock Dr

    Nice of her to wrap that in safety orange so people can make the necessary avoidance adjustments well in good time.

  3. So where can I get a nine foot tall truck?

  4. joe

    Never has so much been owed by so many pounds to so few titanium heels.

  5. One more reason I hate carrots.

  6. BB

    TAKE MY MONEY I surrender! Just please stop PLEASE

  7. Red pants mean its that time of month again…get me my fingertip to elbow latex gloves…I’m gonna artificially impregnate this cow.

  8. cc

    Oh look, there’s a previously undiscovered gas giant in your universe! Thanks Hubble!

  9. Yeah, great.. now they can see this shit from space..

  10. Skeezix

    Blaze orange, the perfect color to prevent a hunting season accident. Eliminates the moose resemblance…

  11. Jamriqua

    wookies usually wear orange during hunting season. they’re so often confused with Sasquatch

  12. Getting harder and harder to tell the Kardashian sisters apart these days…

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