1. She is probably dyslexic and thought it was a bottle of Cock.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Either that’s a very tiny Coke, or she really does have giant lizard hands.

  3. shonzie

    she don’t need to remove the cap to drain what’s inside. She’s THAT good.

  4. karlito

    let me demonstrate on how i got my first job.

  5. Cock Dr

    When you’re her age in that line of business I guess you have to seize every marketing opportunity you can.

  6. Seeing a person try to drink a Coke with the lid on is less surprising when the person looks like a Twinkie in its wrapper.

  7. joe

    Something something Michael Bay black microphone something something.

  8. cc

    We know that already Victoria.

  9. Radadoon

    And Gollum held the fish like this and bit off its head.

  10. She could fit that whole bottle in her mouth.

  11. She hasn’t figured out that she needs to unscrew the cap.

  12. And after a minute or two of this, she shoved the bottle right up her ass. Old habits die hard, I guess.

  13. cbrave24

    “Ladies, this is how you work it. I’ve been at this for quite a long time now, trust me.”

  14. …and with the cap still on the bottle, Victoria put it into her mouth and a few seconds later tilted it upwards and started to drink. Incredibly, the cola was slowly disappearing from the bottle! She chugged and she chugged and then, when it looked like there was nothing left, Victoria took the bottle out of her mouth—now completely empty, but with the cap screwed back on! Or had the cap remained screwed on the whole time? Amazing!

  15. Finally, on sealed Coke #4, she began to have trouble getting the bottles down her throat.

  16. Throb the Wonder Mule

    This is how Mr. Hefner liked it drained . . . . . .

    Of course, he drinks Pepsi !

  17. John Hamm’s penis isn’t impressed.

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