1. jorge

    i know what he’s thinking “cheer up now – i’m sure katy is kicking herself over leaving you old chap”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Is it Christmas season already? Blimey, I need a pitchfork!”

  3. BWMnstrl

    Frosty’s wingman

  4. karlito

    what a friggin phoney. these get-ups are so ridicules. a male attention whore. he should get together with Kayne and his whore.

  5. BB

    This all seems to be in order.

  6. Now if he can just find the matching spoon, it’ll look great over his wet bar.

  7. DanDanDans

    “…and I killed a guy with a trident.”

  8. Sunglasses, pitchfork, SPF 90 sunscreen. All set for where you’re going on the Mayan end of days.

  9. “Seems legit.” – Randy Quaid.

  10. cc

    If he plays one of the Three Wise Men, we are going to have to retire the word ‘irony’.

  11. He’s Poseidon. King of the seas!

  12. Oh, I get it! He’s doing the scene from the end of “The Jerk”, right?


  13. “Fork You……”

  14. Toe Jam

    This is pretty surreal…is that inflatable snowman holding the door for him? (I gotta stop smoking crack).

  15. Sardonic

    OK, so here’s the pitch: Jesus, disguised as a Peruvian goat herder, wanders into a West Hollywood AAHS!! in search of Neptune’s Trident….

  16. Who keeps letting him go outside? Honestly.

  17. The Mayan Apocalypse ain’t gonna start itself!

  18. “Thank God! I thought someone stole my minivan full of crap!”

  19. EricLr

    Save us, Hipster Poseidon!

  20. tlmck

    Must be Lucifer ‘s favorite holiday.

  21. “just getting a few things out of me storage bin…ahh this might be fun!”

  22. mando

    hipster returns from Pakistan

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