1. Mom, quit it.. We’ve already been to McDonald’s three times today…

  2. karlito

    does dhe know who these kids are? hey are you auditioning for the X-factor little boys?

  3. Exhibit ‘A’ in the case against letting hairstylists match your weave in the dark.

  4. Count Chocula

    I was certain she had pawned them by now

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Remmember y’all, if Jeesska tries tah lick yah, just run outta there

  6. joe

    The puppy is really a big furry Thorazine patch.

  7. BB

    “WUT??? Frahd checken-flayvored frappachaino? C’mawn, keds, c’mawn lettle dawgie…”

  8. She looks like a special Mom.

  9. “2+2 is 4? Y’all boys is so smart!”

  10. EZ-B

    “This chocolate cake’s muhvin’ round in mah arms, y’all!”
    “Mom, hand me the dog, now.”

  11. cc

    The kids look relatively well groomed and with a normal BMI. I think the photog got the wrong kids.

  12. Dave

    “Crazy Bertney— I mean, mom, can I play with the rat now?”

  13. Those kids look healthy for people raised on a diet of nothing but Cheetos.

  14. “What the heck was in those brownies?!?”

  15. “We had Show-n-Tell at school today, Momma, so we took in a bunch of those pictures of you naked with your head shaved…”

  16. Jentilly

    For someone as rich as her she sure wears the shittiest clothes

  17. Mumra The Ever Living

    Could someone tell me how the fuck she made $57 million this year?

  18. Britney: “Oh my Gawd…Like, I just realized…I should have never had kids!”
    Sean: “Yeah, no shit, ma.”

  19. “And then I was like, oh my God, no way!”
    “Fer sure, mom! Like, totally!”
    “For Christmas I hope I find out I’m adopted.”

  20. “Who wants to come with momma to drop off daddy’s alimony check?”
    “Sheee…I’m outta here!”,

  21. EricLr

    Pretty sure the one in the middle has the highest IQ.

  22. Has anyone done a DNA test to be sure Bertney and K-Fed actually sired these two? They look too smart to be theirs….

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