1. jorge

    she looks confused, like she is wondering if it is really raining

  2. When it rains ugly, it pours ugly.

  3. YAAR

    more like la Muerta

  4. First time she’s showered in six months.

  5. Now *that* is an orgasm.

  6. BWM.nstrl

    Scattered shower is scattered.

  7. sc4play

    For a split second I thought she was flippin’ the photographer off, but then I remembered who it was in the photo. That brain doesn’t work that fast!

  8. Smapdi

    “Sigh, if only that was vodka . . .”

  9. cc

    You know your life sucks when ‘local showers’ means ”it’s pissing on you and you only”.

  10. I know a girl, her hair is brown.
    She wears her smile upside down
    There’s a little black cloud hanging over her head

  11. She looks genuinely confused.

  12. Rosalie

    She really is something, isn’t she.

  13. She’s like Eeyore in the sense that she looks sad, she’s in the rain, and wishes someone would stick a needle in her.

  14. Jentilly

    I’m melting! Meelllttting!

  15. She must be drinking a 7-Up.

  16. I thought only cartoons could buy Acme Rain Clouds….oh wait…

  17. She sucks. Period. The End.

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