1. jorge

    this picture make me think of ghost busters – you know when Ray says “It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Hm, let’s see. She wears green to promote Midori. She must wear white to promote . . . semen? Let’s go with semen.

  3. Little Tongue

    Hey! That dress quit fitting in 1999! Get out of it or it’ll fucking strangle you!

  4. Fun fact: there are actually six people in the background of this photo.

  5. karlito

    she is so fucking gross i can’t stand looking at her ugly flappy body. how in Hell did this fugly bitch ever get to be some sort of “role model” is beyond me. send her and her jackass boyfriend to the Middle east and sell them for target practice.

  6. Cock Dr

    Stressed cows tend to age faster no matter how many cosmetic procedures they undergo.

  7. BB

    Always nice when KK’s face says what we’re all thinking of her.

  8. The tensile strength of rayon is only 1 Kim per square itch.

  9. Jade

    If you’re going to wear a padded bra, at least make sure the padding is in the right spot. I’m amazed that for how much money she has she dresses herself so horribly.

    P.S. Bad dress choice

  10. Trying to be a roll model.

  11. Dead inside girl is beginning to look dead outside

  12. Wearing her newest sponsor, Spanx For Fat Girl Boobs.

  13. Animal

    For one normally pissed on, it’s odd to see her look so pissed off.

  14. Radadoon

    Kim has one misshapen body. How anyone short of an idiotic pretentious clown could find her attractive is beyond me!

  15. You know Reggie Bush looks at this picture and laughs hysterically .. realizing how he dodged a bloated bullet!

  16. AND with greasy hair. nasty.

  17. Toe Jam

    Her lady parts must be unimaginably moist and hot…like a tropical rain forest. My penis wouldn’t last 5 secs in there.

  18. The Pope

    I wonder if when she unzips that dress that it makes that “phlumf” sound like it does when you break open a can of crescent rolls?

  19. Jentilly

    The men in the background thought they were witnessing an eclipse, good thing they’re wearing sunglasses, both can result in blindness if you look directly into it.

  20. Ronaldo

    Hulk Mad!!!

  21. Mumra The Ever Living

    So how many layers of latex are holding Moby Dick together?

  22. Mike701

    When Rubenesque becomes Porkinessque

  23. Mike701

    That’s Donny Osmond in the back thinking ” I’d do Marie first.”

  24. Now that’s the worst disguise ever. That guy’s gotta be an alien.

  25. Pancake boob means you gotta size UP.

  26. John Travolta

    Mehhhhh…..go lose some weight ya fat bitch.

  27. celebutard

    Please god, let that be Dexter in the background.

  28. shemp

    Those are some splotchy hands and feet. She needs to redo her spray tan :o

  29. yourmom

    what the fuck is that girdle made of??

    • moe

      State-of-the-art Kevlar/Teflon with some self-replicating Nanobot Arachnidoids (tm reg us pat off) bonded to the lining, which are genetically modified to re-spin thread-weaves detected by the on-board computer as being in danger of catastrophic failure. There’s a fail-safe as well: adamantium undersupport ribbing.

      She’s gone through five of ‘em so far…

  30. Just Lisa

    her dress is three sizes too small. I am having trouble breathing just looking at it.

  31. Didn’t Khloe tell her that black is more slimming than white? Wait, what???

  32. Mama Pinkus


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