1. JimBB

    I haven’t wanted a dinosaur to be real this much since I was a kid.

  2. That’s the same expression that’ll be plastered on the face of his taxidermied corpse when Amanda Seyfried’s done with him.

  3. So the bass player from Everclear turned into Ross from Friends?

  4. cc

    I imagine there are schooboards in Kansas that are very excited about this.

  5. Sharon Stone looks pissed.

  6. …and Justin Long as Jesus.

  7. Scroh, where’s your tattoo.

  8. I consider this a visual representation of how evolution made the world a whole lot lamer.

  9. “I’m a Mac.”
    “…and I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex!”

  10. An innocent comment was censored yesterday for saying Justin Long is a homosexual feminine hygiene cleaning device dinosaur hybrid. REALLY SUPERFICIAL? REALLY? I guess I should take my hideous comments over to Fox News. What kind of red flag will this comment produce?

  11. I thought he broke up with Drew Barrymore.

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