1. JimBB

    Looks like the Scientologists repossessed her tits.

  2. Why did she just steal a loaf of bread?

  3. She’s still got it. I totally would.

  4. Please don’t bend that leg any further. I have a grasshopper phobia.

  5. Ginger Failed


  6. She has that same slight down syndrome-y look Drew Berrymore has.

  7. anonymous

    She’s got a weird body. It’s like her lower half doesn’t match her upper. This picture just emphasizes my point.

  8. Margaret

    She still knows how to sell it regardless of who they tell her wants to buy some.

  9. cc

    That’s is Katie, just look casual.

  10. She has all the sex appeal of a prepubescent boy. Probably why Tom couldn’t keep his hands off her.

  11. It looks like it’s her first time ever putting on makeup.

  12. “Ass back, Tits front, Smile crooked, Legs bowed”

  13. Now that is posing hard…Olympic gymnasts take note.

  14. Looks good to me.

  15. Aw man there’s a little bruise on her shin where Tom hit her. Little bastard.

  16. Cardigan with a boob window: check.

    Miniskirt altogether too mini for her age: check.

    Spandex shorts underneath cuz mom said she couldn’t wear it otherwise: check.

    She’s officially hit her high school phase.

  17. dan

    yall are fuckin stupid she’s hot

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