1. Shatting out another trailer park hit song

  2. At some point does is he required to change his name to “Old Man Rock?”

  3. The Aussies don’t call them “pie floaters” for nothing.

  4. blerg

    fuck, he looks worse than axl rose…

  5. Old Rock looks like he needs more fiber in his diet.

  6. malaka

    i thought duane allman was already dead.

  7. Shouldn’t he be hosting “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”?

  8. memyselfandi

    Martin Freddie Luther Prince King Junior is that you?

  9. “Shittin in ah pants
    Becoz We Can!”

  10. He’s feeling every bit of “I’m not a kid anymore…”

  11. JoJojojo

    Just ’cause you can doesn’t mean you should

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