1. JimBB

    Clay Aiken thinks he such hot shit since he learned to play the sax. I could learn to play the sax.

  2. Hired a band so people will pay attention to him.

  3. He looks like the poster boy for child molesters

  4. martian leader

    and i thought the guy with the saxophone looked like a herb.

  5. I don't know

    Nice to see that Lorenzo is working steady doing undercover security

  6. Every drug dealer needs a gimmick.

  7. Who’s photo bombing who?

  8. Voice of Reisling

    “Do you know the theme to Falcon Crest?”
    “Falcon wha-?”

  9. Lorenzo knew his days as an A-lister were over, when the studio sent a tarnished saxophone and not the rusty trombone he had requested.

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