1. JimBB

    The people on her Christmas newslatter list are going to be very disappointed this year.

  2. CK

    Time for another volume of the “Backdoor” series!

  3. Is her inevitable porn movie going to prison-themed?

  4. something about the prison orange, the defeated look on her face, and the “I just got cavity searched” hair, is really turning me on.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Are you sure this is not Kristen Stewart?

  6. Not Jenelle Evans

    Who is Jenelle Evans?

  7. Who cares about being arrested, she has more important things to worry about…like her eyebrows.

  8. She has enough mugshots to create a calendar.

  9. They should have taken her kid’s mugultrasound as a precautionary measure.

  10. Five minutes later, Charlie Sheen was posting her bail, buying her an engagement ring and asking Denise Richards to watch her kids.

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