1. JimBB

    Off to a Bon Jovi concert in 1988!!

  2. How do I get into her pants?

  3. Grip strips! How convenient.

  4. Side boob approved.

  5. mt

    The gills of the rare “Mako Shark” MILF, exposed…

  6. cc

    No sideboob, but you can tell the photographer did his darnedest.

  7. Thank god her crotch doesn’t have the same ventilation.

  8. I love this woman. She is smokin hot and just trashy enough to make me think she would really appreciate my beer can collection

  9. When you consider this photo was taken by a sweaty shouting man trying to hide his erection, the quality’s amazing.

  10. Mchael

    Who gives two shits of a fuck if she’s on Real Housewives. Joanna is :in a gay man’s lingo: GORGEOUS!

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